Candle Cautions

Our favorite part of Vintage Meegan is sourcing and finding beautiful old fabrics.  The question we always get asked is where do you find your material? We travel to flea markets, antique shows, and auctions to find material.  Also - estate sales and yard sales are good sources.  Unfortunately not everyone sees what we see in old curtains and tablecloths and sadly so many get thrown away.  Our favorite fabric is Barkcloth - it's amazing how well it holds up after all this time.  The colors and patterns are wonderful.  It's becoming harder and harder to find.  But we keep looking.

Because all of the materials that we use are vintage or repurposed in some way, I hope that you treat each of our creations with care.  I wash every piece of fabric I find before I turn it in to something else.  Any items that don't make it through that initial wash are discarded.  But, please remember - these fabrics have seen a lot before they became your favorite new bag.  Overloading or repeated washing will shorten their lifespan.  Like anything, the better you treat it, the longer it will last.  I've made every attempt to strengthen delicate materials - I often add interfacing to thin materials to make then stronger.  We just ask you to keep in mind the age of these fabrics and treat them like the antiques that they are.  Unless otherwise noted, our creations can be washed in cold water in a delicate cycle.  Please air dry. 

Vintage Fabrics 

Warning!  These containers are mostly made from reused vintage cut class.  They have been carefully cut and smoothed, but the cut can still be rough.  Please use caution when handling.  Do not reuse the container for any food or beverage. 
Warning!  To prevent fire or personal injury, always burn candle within sight.  Keep out of the reach of children, pets or anything that could catch fire.  Burn on heat safe surface and away from drafts.  Keep the wick centered, trimmed to 1/4" and wax pool free of debris.  Never touch or move a hot candle.  Stop burning when 1/2" of wax remains.
Bottle Cautions

The best part of making these candles is finding the container.  It's a treasure hunt.  We find these bottles in many different places.  At first we just found them walking through yard sales and flea markets.  We like to talk to the seller and find out how they came across their items.  When purchasing bottles we have dealt with collectors, people cleaning out grandma's basement and diggers.  When we first heard the term diggers we didn't know what to think.  What the hell is that?  It's a culture of archaeologists for profit.  Rather then picking through other people's treasures (like the popular TV show) these hunters use their hands to dig through centuries old trash dumps.  Like Indiana Jones, they unearth these dumps layer by layer finding what the earth has not eaten.  This is why some of the containers are chipped, warn and a very used. 

Our favorite containers are reused soda bottles.  In mid-century America, most areas had a local bottling company.  During the 40's and 50's these companies started printing these bottles with different designs and wording to help sell their beverages.  These bottles were used, washed, refilled and reused again...... over and over.  Many of the bottles show the wear, but also wear it well.  Even the major soda companies that we know today made beautiful bottles.  They made them to last, not just throw away.  This is the base for Wax Junky.  We want to save these beautiful containers, give them a new use and you a reason to put them on your shelf and enjoy them.

The process to create a Wax Junky candle is not easy.  After finding these vintage, fragile glass containers we carefully hand cut to the needed size.   Because of the age of the bottled and the frustration of the person cutting them, we lose some of the bottles.  There is a lot of cursing.  Next, we have to smooth the sides of the cut glass.  We make our best attempt to remove all sharp edges and chips.  We then go to cleaning; doing the best we can without removing any of their charm. 

On to the wax.  Now that we are bleeding from cutting the glass why not burn ourselves?  We melt, scent and color our wax in small batches using only the best supplies we can find.  There is an art and science to this process.   We have many different sized containers with a variety of scent and color combinations.  There has been a lot of testing.  Our candles burn long and clean with an inviting level of scent.  They also look great simply displayed on your shelf.  When the wax is gone you can recycle these containers.  We prefer that you help them live on.  Please use them as a pen holder, a mini vase, fill it with your own wax or anything else not food related.  Because these are rough cut bottles we suggest not using them with any food or beverages.  Vintage Meegan likes to think that many people have enjoyed the contents of these bottles, we hope you do the same.

Our quest to find vintage fabrics and bottles leads us to see some really cool stuff.  Every weekend we are watching for local (and some not so local) flea markets and estate sales.  Living in Northeastern Pennsylvania is a benefit when looking for old stuff.  We find use and beauty in many of these old things.  Not everything needs to be repurposed.  Some items just need to be cleaned up and used again for their original purpose.  They just need a new home with someone who can appreciate their unique charm. 

We're bring those items to you through On&On History Recycled Marketplace.  We're gathering together like minded artists to sell their work (often made out of vintage and recycled materials) and have some fun.  Previous to August, you could find us "popping up" at The Leonard Theater on First Fridays in Scranton.  Now we can found at our new permanent location at 518 Lackawanna Ave in Scranton.  We're part of the revitalized 500 block - our location is next door to Bella Facia's Chocolate and two doors down from from AFA Gallery and across the street from Coney Island. We have some great artists joining Vintage Meegan and Wax Junky and we're on the lookout for more quality antique, vintage, repurposed and handmade vendors and artists.

Our current hours are Tuesday 11:30-6, Wednesday 11:30-6, Thursday 11:30-7, Friday 11:30-6, and Saturday 11:30-5.

Interested in selling your creations or vintage finds at On&On Marketplace? Vist our webpage: