What we do (including but not limited to...)


‣   Barkcloth purses

‣  Table runners and coasters

‣   Tote bags

‣   Vintage Finds

‣   Yo-Yo change purses

I live in Northeastern PA and my workshop has found a home in a repurposed vestibule in a craftsman home.  In this cozy space I enjoy designing and trying out new pieces and sewing our products.

My sewing skills are mostly self taught, but inherited from my grandmother and honed through lots and lots of practice.  My favorite part of what I do is joining together just the right fabric, with the right style, with perfect buttons or a brooch. The details and textures of my vintage materials make each of my products one of a kind.

‣   Clutches

Vintage Meegan was started out of necessity but also out of love for everything vintage...  Meegan always loved old stuff and she and her mom spent weekends at antique shows and shops.  She was drawn to the imperfect bargain finds that needed a little help.  But she couldn't use a tablecloth with a burn mark... what could she do with it?  So she made a purse and it was fabulous.  Her mom wanted one immediately and  then her co-worker.  Soon she was at her first show and it turned out a lot of people wanted one.

Over the years, Meegan added new styles.  She made other decorative items and came up with lots of new ways to repurpose the vintage fabric she was still drawn to.  But she also could never stand to put her scissors through materials that weren't damaged. Now we are making some of those finds available on Etsy.

Andrew and Meegan met.  They discovered they both loved flea markets and auctions and vintage cool stuff.  He wanted to be part of Vintage Meegan and came up with the ideas and designs for Wax Junky.  Our repurposed vintage bottle soy candles are a great addition to the Vintage Meegan family of products. 


Our Company

  It's not hard to see the effort put into older items.  Nothing was meant for a short life.  Even advertising items were made to last.  It was nice to put these pieces on the shelf, but I wanted to find a way to make these items useful again.  Candles were a perfect fit.  Cutting the vintage glass and mixing the scents with melted soy wax filled my need to create and fix.  I enjoy making new things with the woman I love and knowing that we are giving something new life.

When I was young my mother always told me to help my father.  There would be many different projects.  Finishing a basement, mending a broken tool or creating a frame to feature one of my mother's crafts.  As a boy I saw it as a chore. But it gave me the ability to look at things differently.  Broken things can be fixed.   Don't be afraid to try something.  Find the use in everything. This is where I found my art.  I met Meegan and saw her passion in the craftsmanship of vintage materials, and how she reshaped them into a new useful items and we started going to flea markets, yard and estate sales and auctions together.                                


‣   Soda Bottle Soy Candles