How cool are those old soda bottles?  Can you remember when soda used to be delivered and every city had their own bottling company?  

The artwork and style of those old bottles shouldn't  be just a memory.  We repurpose those bottles in to soy wax candles.  You can enjoy them on your

Buy Local Holiday Marketplace

Scranton Cultural Center

Scranton, PA

Sunday, Nov. 26 11-4

Upcoming Shows


A marketplace for repurposed, vintage and handmade.

On&On started creating Pop Up events for Scranton First Fridays at The Leonard Theater a few years ago.  For two years they were located on Lackawanna Ave in downtown Scranton, now they have expanded and moved to a permanent location at 1138 Capouse Ave in Scranton.

Can't bring yourself to throw away Grandma's tablecloth even with the holes and stains?  We can't either, but we cut around the imperfections and make a one of a kind unique


Our favorite material

is barkcloth - a nubby

thick fabric from the

30s -60s - with bright

incredible images.  

Originally used as drapery and upholstery, it a strong fabric that is begging to be repurposed.  Once you've seen it, you won't forget what it is the next time you are lucky enough to come across it.


table as useful decoration.  

Keep using them long after

the way has burned away....

or bring them back to one of our shows and get a discount on your next Wax Junky candle.

We give old stuff     new life.  

From old curtains that no one wants to hang up to soda bottles dug out of the ground, we create a new purposes for cool vintage finds.

Vintage Fabric Creations

Barkcloth, table cloths, any cool old material,

repurposed in to new uses.

Wax Junky

Soy candles hand poured in vintage soda bottles -

cut down and smoothed but still displaying their cool retro art.

On&On.... History Recycled

A marketplace filled with vintage, repurposed and handmade products.  Located at 1138 Capouse Ave., Scranton, PA.

Artisans Market

Waverly Comm

Clarks Summit, PA

Saturday Nov. 18 10-5

​Sunday Nov. 19 - 11-4

Scrantonmade Holiday Market

​The Globe

123 Wyoming Ave

Scranton, PA

Dec 1-4

Friday 5-9, Sat 11-7, Sun 11-4